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Washing of Hair


There are countless sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the scalp, and [...]

Washing of Hair2018-08-07T05:54:03+08:00

Balanced Diet


The main component of hair is sulfur amino acids, a type of [...]

Balanced Diet2018-08-07T05:55:53+08:00

Chinese Hawthorn Black Sugar Tea


Ingredients: Chinese Hawthorn (6 pieces) Brown Sugar (Adequate) Preparation: Bring all to [...]

Chinese Hawthorn Black Sugar Tea2018-08-07T05:56:37+08:00

Healthy Mulberry Tea


Ingredients: Mulberry Leave (10 pieces) Water (1200cc) Preparation: First, rinse the mulberry [...]

Healthy Mulberry Tea2018-08-07T05:57:27+08:00

Nourishing Osmanthus Tea


Ingredients: Osmanthus (2g) Honey (15ml) Dried Tangerine Peel (Adequate) Lemon Slices (2 [...]

Nourishing Osmanthus Tea2018-08-07T05:58:07+08:00
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