1) What is the correct method to blow dry your hair?
First, we should towel-dry any excess water from our hair to not only save on electricity, but also to prevent hair damage. It is advisable to keep the dryer at a distance of 20cm from the hair while switching between hot & cold air. This can prevent any hair damage caused by heat.

2) What is the correct way to shampoo your hair?
It is advisable to lather up your shampoo between your palms before applying it onto the hair. Do not apply shampoo directly onto the hair as this will cause hair and scalp damage. Also, use fingertips instead of nails to massage the scalp while shampooing.

3) Is it advisable to use hot water during hair wash?
Hot water has the potential to make your hair dry and brittle, the reason being that it strips off the protective oil from your hair. Therefore, it is recommended for you to set the water temperature to be slightly warmer than your own body temperature.

4) What is the correct method of brushing your hair?
Avoid using a comb with plastic bristles as it can cause hair breakage from static electricity. The ideal way to brush your hair is to first brush the ends to remove tangles. Then, make long strokes from the roots of the hair to the ends. This technique will help to spread out the natural hair oil and thus prevent any breakage. By reducing the breakage, you will also be able to reduce your hair loss.

5) Did you know?
Sweet foods will result in excessive acids during the metabolism process, obstructing hair growth. For healthy hair, we should consume foods that are rich in protein such as soybean, milk, eggs and lots of fruits.

6) Grey Hair
As we age, we start to realize and notice our hair turning grey. However, some experience premature greying of hair even before their time. This can be due to an unclean scalp and an unbalanced diet, lacking in Vitamin B, Iron, Copper and Iodine.