• A diet rich in zinc (pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts), vitamin A (ginkgo nuts, chestnuts, walnuts), vitamin B (barley, brown rice, oats), copper (sesame seeds, sunflower seeds) and iron (peanut, almonds)

  • Using shampoos and conditioners made from natural ingredients such as certified organic tea tree, beta glucan, aloe vera and coconut oil. Natural ingredients offer a wealth of benefits for your hair and scalp that will be immediately noticeable. They gently infuse your hair follicles and skin cells with natural minerals, herbal extracts, and oils.

  • Staying hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily

  • A positive attitude to keep away from stress

<He Shou Wu>

  • In order to curb the growth of grey hair, He Shou Wu (Fallopia Multiflora) is recommended for hair treatment. This is a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the 8th century. It is derived from the roots of the Polygonum multiflorum (also known as the Fo-Ti plant). Aside from being a health nourisher, it is also a good source of iron and zinc. At the same time, He Shou Wu contains potent antioxidants.


Grey Hair Remedies

Curry Leaves

Ingredients: Curry Leaves (10 pieces), Coconut Oil (tablespoon)

Preparation:Boil a handful of fresh curry leaves in a tablespoon of coconut oil until they become charred. Strain the oil.

Function: Curry leaves help to increase darker pigmentation in your hair. By combining it with coconut oil, it will also work as a great tonic.


Ingredients: Henna Leaves (10 pieces), Indian Gooseberry Powder (3 teaspoons), Coffee Powder (1 teaspoon), Plain Yogurt (1 teaspoon)

Preparation: Grind a handful of henna leaves into a paste. Add 3 teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder, 1 teaspoon of coffee powder, and a teaspoon of plain yogurt. Spread it evenly on your hair. After it dries, rinse it out and then shampoo your hair as usual. Repeat the process once every two to four weeks.

Function: Henna works as a wonderful natural hair colorant. Besides making your hair darker, it will strengthen and condition your lustrous locks.

Black Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea Powder (2 tablespoons), Salt (1 teaspoon)

Preparation: Boil 2 tablespoons of black tea and 1 teaspoon of salt in water for 2 minutes before removing it from the flame. Allow it to cool before straining the liquid. Wash your hair with this liquid and let it dry. Do note that you should not rinse your hair with shampoo after. Repeat it 2 to 3 times per week for best results.

Function: The benefits of black tea for cancer prevention and improving cardiovascular health are well known. But it also has great benefits for skin and hair. Loaded with antioxidants and caffeine, black tea stimulates hair growth and improves strength as well as elasticity of the hair strands to prevent brittleness and breakage of hair. It also adds a natural dark hue and shine to hair.

Onion and Lemon Juice

Ingredients: Onion Juice (3 teaspoons), Lemon Juice (2 teaspoons)

Preparation: Mix both the onion and lemon juice in a glass bowl. Then, apply the mixture onto the scalp and hair evenly. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off with a mild herbal shampoo. Repeat it 4 to 5 times a week for 2 weeks.

Function: Onion is an age old remedy for treating problems of hair loss and thinning hair. It is also one of the most effective grey hair remedies that help in preventing premature greying of hair. Onion juice is capable of boosting up the level of catalase, thus restoring the natural color of the hair strands. Lemon juice adds a healthy shine to hair and prevents excessive oiliness of hair.

Black Sesame Seeds

Ingredients: Black Sesame Seeds (1 teaspoon)

Preparation: To use black sesame seeds, just eat black sesame seeds every day for at least 3 months.

Function: Black sesame seeds are highly effective in getting rid of the problem of premature greying of hair. It is believed that they promote melanocyte activity to produce melanin. They are also rich in protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper. Regularly applying sesame oil on your hair is also useful. However, do not expect instant results. You have to follow the remedy regularly for at least a few weeks or even months to notice results.