Beijing 101 Leelian Hair Gro Treatment

Regrow, Regain thicker and healthier hair for hair loss prevention

Regrow, regain thicker and healthier hair with Hair Gro Treatment, custom-designed for hair loss prevention – suitable for both male and female pattern hair loss. This treatment is developed by our certified consultants and TCM physicians to regain the health of your hair follicles.

The treatment helps to deep cleanse the scalp and clear impurities on the hair follicles while addressing the multiple causes of hair loss. Hair Gro Treatment also incorporates an acupressure-point scalp massage that improves blood circulation for optimum hair regrowth. In addition, the scalp massage technique is also derived from the TCM philosophy to regain thicker and healthier hair by:

  1. Regulating sebum secretions in the scalp
  2. Nourishing the scalp skin as well as muscles
  3. Enhancing the activity of melanin cells
  4. Promoting blood circulation

This comprehensive treatment helps to stimulate hair to regrow and regain thicker and healthier hair by strengthening hair follicles and nourishing your scalp.

Path to regain healthier hair

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