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hair 90% visible results. Effective hair treatment

Hair Gro Treatment

90% Visible Results, Audited by Nielsen. Premium Herbs
According to Nielsen’s survey, *9 out of 10 of those who’ve tried Beijing 101 hair treatments have seen a positive improvement in their hair & scalp health. Beijing 101 hair specialists are professionally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Equipped with traditional Chinese medical knowledge, we have engaged the expertise of TCM Physicians to provide personalized hair regrowth enhancement services. Your needs will be fulfilled through our personalized consultation and customized treatment.

It’s Your Turn to Experience a Hair Revival
Enjoy a Hair & Scalp Consultation and redeem a pair of Movie Tickets when you sign up the Hair Gro Treatment @ $58nett.

Beijing 101 Hair Consultants has a team of certified hair care specialists and TCM physicians that uses Hi-Technology machines to customize their hair care solutions. These natural solutions serve to restore their customer’s hair and scalp back to its optimal health.