The main component of hair is sulfur amino acids, a type of protein that contains a lot of sulfur, and a lot of this is present in many animal and plant proteins, including fish, eggs, soy or soy products, milk and dairy products, etc. In the daily diet, one must have a balanced intake of animal and plant protein. Vitamins A and E will also promote blood circulation and prevent hair loss. Vitamin B complex can promote the scalp’s metabolism. As for tobacco and alcohol, they should be avoided, as the nicotine in cigarettes will cause blood vessels to constrict, causing blood circulation disorder and resulting in poor blood circulation of the scalp, accelerating hair thinning or hair loss.

During the break down of alcohol within the body, acetaldehyde is produced – a substance that will attack the hair, displacing oxygen and nutrients in the blood – and as a result, the hair will certainly be damaged. On the other handr, an appropriate amount of alcohol can in fact make blood vessels dilate, promoting blood circulation, and is beneficial for hair growth. However do note that, excessive drinking will cause damage to the hair.