Singapore’s No. 1 Hair Care Centre

With more than 45 years of experience, since 1974, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants have been dedicated to helping customers to combat their hair and scalp issues, such as:

  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Thinning
  • Oily Scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Dry/Damaged Hair
  • Greying Hair

We set out to achieve for every person experiencing hair problem to regrowth their hair and grow back their confidence through professional advice.

Beijing 101 signature hair treatment are formulated with premium grade Chinese herbs, alongside with advice from Certified Hair Consultants and TCM physicians. With efficacy and expertise, Beijing 101 spares no effort to regrowth hair for both men and female.

Most Effective Hair Treatment^

Based on research conducted, 90%^ of our customers agreed that Beijing 101 hair treatment is effective. Therefore, as a hair care treatment company, knowing that our customized treatments for every individual have proven to be effective is really uplifting.

^Research conducted by Ipsos in Jul 2018.

It’s Proven: 90%^ have seen visible results.

According to Nielsen’s survey, ^9 out of 10 of those who’ve tried Beijing 101 hair treatments have seen a positive improvement in their hair health. Beijing 101 Hair Care Consultants are professionally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Equipped with traditional Chinese medical knowledge, we have engaged the expertise of TCM Physicians to provide personalized hair regrowth enhancement services. Your needs will be fulfilled through our customized hair loss treatments and hair assessment.

^Research conducted by Nielsen in Oct 2016.

Testimonials & Reviews

Stop Hair Loss. Hair Care Treatment for Female

Shervonne Lee – “I’ve achieved Healthier Hair!”

“As a music teacher who is as passionate about self-expression and creativity in my style. I’m known as a style-chameleon who often set trends with a new perm or hair colour. The frequent harsh treatments started to take a toll on my hair, and I started to notice my hair starts to thin.”

101 Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Singapore

Ronald Ong – “I’m delighted with the results!”

“I came across a Hair Care Services Event organized by Beijing 101 Hair Consultants and experienced their hair loss treatment after I purchased the voucher. I was delighted by their hair and scalp care solutions. I’m able to see visible results after 1 session!”

Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men

Jimmy – “I no longer worries about my hair loss!”

“My hair has always been thick and black, unsuspectingly, I noticed that I’ve been losing my hair recently. By chance, i tried Beijing 101 Herbal Hair Loss Treatment. Their hair consultants are caring and friendly, they even provided some home care hair tips! Its was a pleasure and satisfied hair treatment. My hair consultant even showed my before and after scalp results!”

Shameir – “I’ve regained healthier and fuller looking hair!”

“I am worried about my hair as I’ve been facing hair loss for a period of time. After trying out Beijing 101 Herbal Hair Loss Treatment, change in my diet and having more rest, I can see visible results in my hair loss condition. I’m no longer worried about my hair and can now enjoy my fishing time with my friends!”

Men Hair Loss Singapore Herbal Treatment

Yeo Sek Quey – “Now, I’m more confident with thicker hair!”

“Due to my unhealthy diets and irregular working hours, I did not spend time to take care of my hair. By chance, I came across a Beijing 101 advertisement and decided to seek for their hair loss solutions. After going through their herbal hair loss treatment, I will recommend Beijing 101 to my friends. Now, I feel younger and more confident at work.”

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