Achieve Healthier & Thicker Hair

Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems but it is still considered healthy for everyone to lose 100 hair strands each day. However, what happens if a person loses more than 100 hair strands each day?

Well, there are many solutions that you can do to reduce/stop hair loss. But what’s the underlying reasons on why you are losing your hair? The truth is to seek for professional help/advice to find out the reasons.

Here are some of the common causes of hair loss:

  1. Stress
  2. Scalp Infection
  3. Mineral Deficiency

The real reason could be that the condition of your hair could have more to do with your scalp before your realize — you can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Hence, if your hair woes are causing you distress and you are seeking for hair loss solutions, sign up for 101 Scalp Care Treatment @ $42 (Usual Price: $462) and Stand to Win a 5* Staycation (2D1N). 

Most Effective Hair Treatment. Premium Grade Chinese Herbs

Beijing 101 Hair Consultants has a team of certified hair care specialists who uses highly advanced technology to customize their hair care solutions. Equipped with traditional Chinese medical knowledge, 101 have also engaged the expertise of TCM Physicians to provide personalized hair regrowth services. Your needs will be fulfilled through the personalized consultation and customized treatment.

Testimonials & Reviews

101 Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Singapore

Ronald Ong – “I’m delighted with the results!”

“I came across “Scalp Care Week” organized by Beijing 101 Hair Consultants at Junction 8 and experienced the treatment on the spot. I was delighted by the results, thus decided to seek hair solutions from them.”

Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men

Jimmy – “I no longer worries about losing my hair!”

Jimmy is an engineer who owns a head of thick and black hair. Unsuspectingly, he was a sufferer of hair problems four to five years ago. Jimmy shares, “I never took it to heart when my friends used to remind me, until my hairdresser also feedback that I seemed to have signs of hair loss.”

Shervonne Lee – “I’ve achieved Healthier Hair!”

“As a music teacher who is as passionate about self-expression and creativity in my style. I’m known as a style-chameleon who often set trends with a new perm or hair colour. The frequent harsh treatments started to take a toll on my hair, and I started to notice my hair starts to thin.”

#HHWT Hair Loss Treatment Beijing 101 Hair Treatment

Shameir – “I’ve regained healthier and fuller looking hair!”

“I am worried about my hair as I’ve been losing my hair for a period of time. After several treatments, change in my diet and having more rest, I can see visible results in my hair condition. I’m no longer worried about my hair and can now enjoy my fishing time with my friends!”

Yeo Sek Quey – “Now, I’m more confident!”

“Due to my unhealthy diets and irregular working hours, I did not spend time to take care of my hair. By chance, I came across a Beijing 101 advertisement and decided to seek Beijing 101 for hair solutions. After going through the hair treatments, I will recommend Beijing 101 to my friends. Now, I feel younger and more confident at work.”