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Singapore’s No. 1 Hair Care Centre

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Hair loss Treatment. 脱发,头皮油腻,头皮屑,中草药护理

Advanced Meridian Scalp Detox Treatment @ $68nett (Usual Price: $624) + FREE Travel Sized Shampoo + Conditioner, worth $68.

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    Testimonials & Reviews

    Stop Hair Loss. Hair Care Treatment for Female


    After going through Beijing 101’s award-winning Revitalizing Herbal Treatment, Shevonne regained her hair health and now flaunts a healthy head of lustrous locks once more.

    “Now I can try more hairstyles without fear of thinning hair!”

    beijing 101.Hair loss. 脱发,头皮油腻,头皮屑,中草药护理

    Kian Ong

    “Thanks to Beijing 101’s Herbal Hair Treatments and their in-house TCM physician advice, my hair appeared to be thicker and fuller.”

    Xu Bin beijing 101.Hair loss. 脱发,头皮油腻,头皮屑,中草药护理


    “No matter how stressed I am at work, I know that Beijing 101 Hair Consultants can take care of my hair woes. After experiencing their hair treatments, I can see that my dandruff condition has improved greatly. You can give it a try!”