HR Awards

Beijing 101 Shines at The Singapore HR Awards

The Singapore Human Resource Awards is an annual event held by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI). This award honours leading organisations and HR practitioners who have demonstrated excellence within the HR profession.

We are pleased to share with you that this year, Beijing 101 was the recipient of, not one but, TWO awards. The awards that we clinched are:

Learning and Development – recognises the efforts to provide training and development programmes to improve employee’s performance and employability. E-Human Resource Management – recognises the utilisation of technology to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of its HR department while meeting the needs of the business and its employees. These two awards not only celebrate our progress as a company but it is also a testament on how far we have come in becoming the best solution for you.

In Beijing 101, we believe that in order to be the best solution, our staffs must first be equipped and confident with their skills regardless of their seniority in the company. Hence over the past year, Beijing 101 has been putting in the effort to ensure that all our employees can produce the same level of service.

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Before a consultant can consult, they must first be familiar with their work.

For an employee who is new to the brand, such familiarity is often non-existent. Hence, they have to be first introduced to the brand and the work that they are going to be involved in before they can take part in the operations.

In this train of thoughts, we have implemented a compulsory on-boarding program for new staffs. This is to help them adapt to our operations quickly and smoothly.

The program takes place in the first week of their employment and lasts for a week. There they will learn about the physiology of the human hair and scalp as well as the problems that troubles many of our customers today.

Besides learning about the problems, they will also learn more about the treatments and solutions that we offer.

By going through both the theory and practical aspects of the treatment, we believe that it will enhance their learning experience allowing them to form a deeper understanding on the subject.

With a deeper understanding on the issues that matter to you, it improves how we communicate the solutions to you.

Bridging the Classroom-World Gap

After the employee has completed the week of on-boarding program, they will be assigned to their individual branches.

Although they are all equipped with the knowledge to serve and help you, their training does not end here.

If we think about it, is textbook knowledge enough to solve the problems of the outside world?

I’m sure we all know the answer.

Whatever we have learnt in the classroom only provides us with the basics. In reality, it is not sufficient to solve our daily problems for in the classroom, problems are presented in a controlled environment with little to no external variables. However, in the real world things aren’t that simple.

Recognising that there is going to be a gap between the classroom and the branch, we have implemented a buddy system.

Under this system, new staffs would be accompanied by a buddy who is more senior than them. The buddy’s role is to guide the new ones along and help them to acclimatise to their work environment.

Monitoring the Employee’s Progress

Besides showing the ropes to the new employees, buddies also are tasked to keep track on their partner’s learning progress.

Each buddy is given a checklist. The checklist would contain details on what the buddy has to do with their partnering new staff and also in which week they are supposed to get it done. The checklist creates a timeline that helps the management to monitor each staff’s progress.

This also help serve as a gauge of readiness to perform the various treatments.

We are certain that frustration and dissatisfaction will be the only outcome if we were to assign staffs that are not ready to you. Hence with this checklist, it helps us to pinpoint how ready staffs are and properly match them according to your treatment needs.

Assessing the Level of Competency

The on-boarding program and buddy systems are steps that help us achieve our objective of improving our staff’s competency by teaching them what they need to know.

However, being taught correctly is one thing. Remembering what was taught is another by itself. This is especially important now with the implementation of the buddy system.

Hence, besides ensuring that new employees are taught correctly, we have also taken it to ourselves to ensure that our senior staffs have not forgotten what they have learnt.

This is done by organising assessments from time to time. Staffs will be assessed based on their product knowledge and whoever fails to meet the passing criteria would be required to complete a refresher course.

Competent Staff, Happier Clients

Reading this, you may be questioning why this is important to us.

Why are we putting so much emphasis into upgrading our staffs and making sure that our staffs are competent?

On one hand, it is so that we can remain competitive in the labour market. However, on the other hand it is so that we can achieve our goal as the hair care centre with the best word of mouth reputation and top of the mind recall.

A Chief Finance Officer once asked the Chief Executive Officer what would happen if after the company had spent so much money on training, the employee left. And to this, the CEO wisely replied, “what if we don’t and they stay?”

The CFO had a very good point to his argument. Indeed spending money on somebody that isn’t going to be permanent seems like a waste of money. However, what the CEO reminds us is that there are more things that glitter than gold.

Beijing 101 has been serving clients for over 4 decades now, and in our long run in the industry we have learnt that the value of our customers cannot be measured with monetary terms. Hence, we do our best to provide professional service to you with the use of premium grade Chinese herbs and a team of staff that are competent and able to tackle your hair worries and woes.

With the latest 2 SHRI awards, we are ever more confident to serve you well. So, place your confidence in us. Book an appointment today.