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Hair Care. Shaun Chen 陈泓宇 review

Testimonials & Reviews

Oily Scalp

Ronald Ong, Age 30, Ship Broker.

Oily Scalp

“I’m free from oily scalp, regain healthier hair!”

Ronald Ong works as a Ship Broker, involving in many stages of setting up and presenting his business to clients. Due to his heavy workload, he suffered from stress and pressure.

He began to worry and started looking for solutions.

“I came across “Scalp Care Week” organized by Beijing 101 Hair Consultants at Junction 8 and experienced the treatment on the spot. I was delighted by the results, thus decided to seek solutions from them. After a few customized treatments, my scalp became healthier and had achieved fuller looking hair.”

* Results may vary for individuals

Muhd Shameir Shariff, Age 28, Driver.

Sensitive and Oily Scalp

Muhd Shameir Shariff, 28, is a busy working adult but to relax his mind, he would spend his weekend fishing with his friends. Though being under the hot sun would cause him to be tanned, he finds fishing to be therapeutic to him. But the hot sun makes him perspire and without having extra protection to his hair; other than wearing his cap.

“I am worried about my hair as I’ve been losing my hair for a period of time and I wonder if it could be because, I have been wearing cap which does not allow the hair to breathe. So, Beijing 101 Consultants customized a treatment for him. After several treatments, change in my diet and having more rest, I can see visible results in my hair condition. I’m no longer worried about my hair and can now enjoy my fishing time with my friends!”

* Results may vary for individuals


Keith Kwan, Age 29, Exhibition Executive.


“Due to my work, I got to spend long hours outdoor at various venues, combined that with the accumulated stress and late nights, I started to notice that my dandruff condition has worsen. Hence, I decided that it was time to get expert advice from Beijing 101 Hair Consultants.I started to notice my scalp condition improve after a few sessions. Thank you Beijing 101 for the effective results and making me confident once again!”

Now, Keith enjoys a healthier scalp condition that is free from dandruff.

* Results may vary for individuals

Hair Thinning

Jimmy, Age 32, Engineer.

Hair Thinning and Oily Scalp

Jimmy is an engineer who owns a head of thick and black hair. Unsuspectingly, he was a sufferer of hair problems four to five years ago. Jimmy shares, “I never took it to heart when my friends used to remind me, until my hairdresser also feedback that I seemed to have signs of hair loss.”

* Results may vary for individuals

Isabella Chua, Age 33, Finance Advisor.

Hair Thinning and Sensitive Scalp

“I only realised about my hair issues when I visited Beijing 101. Through the knowledge and help of the hair experts here, I was really enlightened. Since then, I have been getting regular treatments and taking better care of my hair. Thank you Beijing 101 for highlighting my issues and helping me to improve on my hair condition.”

* Results may vary for individuals

Shervonne Lee, Age 27, Music Teacher.

Hair Thinning

“I’ve achieved Healthier Hair!

As a music teacher who is as passionate about self-expression and creativity in my style. I’m known as a style-chameleon who often set trends with a new perm or hair colour. The frequent harsh treatments started to take a toll on my hair, and I started to notice my hair starts to thin.”

After going through Beijing 101’s award-winning Revitalizing Herbal Treatment, Shevonne managed to regain her scalp health and now flaunts a healthy head of lustrous locks once more.

“Now I can try more hairstyles without fear of thinning hair!”

* Results may vary for individuals

Hair Loss

Yeo Sek Quey, Age 60, Transport Operations Manager.

Hair Loss

“Due to my unhealthy diets and irregular working hours, I did not spend time to take care of my hair until one day, I noticed that my hair loss condition had worsen when I was looking myself at the mirror. Then, I’m determined to looking for solutions to solve my hair problems.” By chance, he came across a Beijing 101 advertisement, so he decided to seek Beijing 101 for hair solutions.

After going through the detailed hair and scalp analysis and a customised hair treatment, I’m pleased and satisfied with the results and will never hesitate to recommend Beijing 101 to my friends. Now, I feel younger and more confident at work.”

* Results may vary for individuals

Grey Hair

Grace Tan, Age 51, Human Resource Associate.

Grey Hair and Oily Scalp

49-year-old Human Resource Executive was troubled with hereditary white hair problems for many years. Grace shares, “I faced white hair problems in my early twenties, until a few years ago, when I finally realized that I should get professional help.”

* Results may vary for individuals

Mdm Tey, Age 52, Self-employed.

Grey Hair

“As I’m a self-employer, I need to manage my career and family-life, as a result I do not have time to take care of my hair. By chance, I decided to take up Beijing 101 hair and scalp treatments that are formulated with 100% Premium-Grade Chinese herbs that are most beneficial to your scalp. The essence of the Chinese herbs is naturally mild and can be applied to any scalp and hair problems.

After going through the herbal hair treatments, her hair condition has improved. Now, she has regained a head of darker and fuller-looking hair”, said Mdm Tey.

* Results may vary for individuals

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